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Choose a Company With a Culture That Compliments
Your Talents and Interests

Career Management

Cheryl Magee

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Choose a Company With a Culture That Compliments Your Talents and Interests

You are more than likely familiar with the term “Square peg in a round hole.” Research by Deloitte shows 88 percent of employees believe culture is important to business success. More importantly company culture has an enormous effect on personal success and happiness. Before you even start your career you need to identify which cultures will support your career advancement.

Cheryl will discuss important career management techniques.

  • Your Talents add value to the company putting it to use.
  • Organizational Culture Fit is important, finding the right culture
  • Look to work for the company you would want to own or be the CEO.

Presenter: Cheryl Magee

Cheryl helps business leaders, teams and individual clients maximize their potential for success, creates transformative and lasting results through her unique experience and insights in Strengths coaching, career development and life coaching.

If you are a business leader at a for-profit or non-profit organization:

Cheryl loves working with dynamic and innovative leaders who desire to elevate the performance of their organization and aren’t afraid to first examine their leadership and how that may be impacting their teams. Cheryl helps these leaders uncover their unique leadership style, gain clarity, dissolve belief systems that aren’t serving them or their teams, and build their organization through team-level workshops and individual coaching to drive big shifts and sustained leadership growth.

If you are an individual seeking life or career coaching:

Cheryl’s passion is to help people just like you discover their unique talents, passion and purpose and create the life and career they want. With her unique background in Strengths coaching, career counseling, and life coaching, Cheryl combines the most powerful tools from these three disciplines to help each client experience greater joy and fulfillment by uncovering and expressing their unique brilliance in the world, whether that is expressed in their personal life, volunteer work or career.

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