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Vanquish Any Fear of Public Speaking and Watch
Your Career Zoom!

Soft Skills

Cam Barber

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Vanquish Any Fear of Public Speaking and Watch
Your Career Zoom!

Today more than ever, you will be called on within your firm to present the companies goals, strategies, and mission. 

Are you prepared for that? Public speaking is one of the most feared tasks employees today face. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Cam Barber has helped CEO’s tackle their fears and he can do that for you too!

Cam will share with you proven strategies implemented by leaders globally that will increase your confidence, reduce your anxiety, and positively influence the mood of your colleagues, bosses, and/or customers!

You will learn three fundamental strategies you can fall back on for the next four decades of your career! 

  • The cause of all anxiety.
  • The key measure of success for every business presentation.
  • The quickest way to prepare for your important presentation.

Learning how to speak in public is not rocket science, it requires an understanding of a few universal principles. Do yourself a favor and build a foundation that helps show management the leader you can be.

Presenter: Cam Barber

Cam is a speechwriter, speaking coach and author of:
 “What’s Your Message? Public Speaking with Twice the Impact using Half the Effort”.

Cam shows leaders how to use vivid messages for greater success. Cam dispels the public speaking myths that hold people back and shows them how to engage an audience from 1 to 1,000.

His background as a radio executive helped him understand how to get inside the mind of an audience and how to trigger message recall.

He developed the Vivid Method for public speaking as a response to the mechanical acting skills being taught for business presentations. The first version was built on natural style and message transfer. Delighted participants also found that this simple, practical focus reduced their nervousness.

Clients now rave about the ability to relax under pressure, the power of Vivid Messages and the simple approach that generates twice the impact with half the effort.

Cam has guided the presentations of dozens of Top 500 companies including Gilead Sciences, Walt Disney, BHP, Boost Juice, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Nestle, Toyota and many more.

When he’s not speaking, coaching or writing, Cam consults on message management.

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