Talk Title:
Which is Worse? A Company Requiring a Drug Test,
or Doing a Credit Check!
Post Graduation Life
C. Michael Smith
June 25th, 7:00 pm



Presentation Overview

Which is Worse? A Company Requiring a Drug Test, or Doing a Credit Check!

Your credit rating could prevent you from landing a job.

Many people think businesses don’t have the right to do drug tests, but few graduates realize that an increasing number of companies do credit checks on graduates! Yikes. It’s another way companies weed out the hundreds of applicants applying for a job.

Credit checks are becoming a standard policy for companies for even entry level jobs. A poor credit rating could get you booted out of contention for the job you’ve always wanted.

Your financial health is something you can’t ignore. Ruin it now and you’ll miss out on career opportunities. Now is the critical time to plan and manage is your financial affairs.

C. Michael Smith will share with you:

  • How to live within your means – no matter your income
  • How to use a credit card responsibly and build a strong credit history
  • Got an offer? How to value and take advantage of your benefits package

Presenter: C. Michael Smith

Dr. C. Michael Smith has worked in financial services and education for over 20 years. He is passionate about helping people make smart financial choices, and he is still active in these efforts today as a writer and college lecturer on the topics of business strategy, entrepreneurship, risk management, leadership, and investments.

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