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Know Your Student Loan Options
Career Expert

Brittany Kenison


Think carefully about the career you choose!

Webinar Overview

Know What Your Options to Pay Down Your Student Loan Debt

There are a number of opportunities you have to pay down your student loan debt and save thousands of dollars.  Learn from an expert who has researched the market and opportunities.paragraph introducing what you will talk about will go here along with 3 points, strategies, ideas, concepts

  • Evaluate your current and future situation
  • Research providers to find the best solution
  • Create and stick with a plan

Presenter: Brittany Kenison

When I switched careers from banking to pursue a career in IT, I went back to school. At the time, I was frustrated there was no clear process available to estimate the number of student loans I needed to take on nor the estimated payments required after graduation. 

Without understanding the long-term financial impact of my decisions, I had no way of  knowing the financial future might hold for my family. 

While I emerged on the other side with a great job and financial stability, I know that many people are not so lucky. 

Since then, I’ve become passionate about student financial success. I formed my current venture, Brick and Cherry, as a way to fulfill my mission of helping college students. At Brick and Cherry, we work to change this situation by providing students the information they need to confidently make decisions and plan for their financial future.

In this role, I wear many hats and draw on my substantial experience in a variety of government positions. I draw on my experience using data analysis to improve existing public systems (like voter registration or campaign finance), designing better UI and improving business processes to design our products and solutions. 

In addition, my business acumen as a high producing, ethical loan officer and Board Member of the Oregon University System makes me well suited to tackle this unique business problem. This background helps to instill trust in people that Brick and Cherry’s valuable product that will help the students and families it is designed for.

My favorite thing is seeing the information I’ve provided (whether they know it is from me or not), makes a positive, long-term difference in someone’s life. If you’re interested in improving the lives of others through financial education then I look forward to connecting!