Talk Title:
Goal Mapping: How to Turn Your Dreams
into Realities

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Brian Mayne

June 25th, 2:00 pm



Presentation Overview

Goal Mapping: How to Turn Your Dreams into Realities

You can improve your chances of living a dream career by taking time right now to outline where you want to be. You’ve used your conscious mind to memorize, categorize, and complete assignments that qualified you for your degree. Now you have an opportunity to use your subconscious mind and imagery to help you achieve your business and personal goals. Learn how to get where you want to go – with the help of your whole existence!

  • Creating Your Goal Map
  • The Goal Mapping Ritual
  • Goal Mapping Checklist

Whatever the dream, Goal Mapping can help achieve it.

Presenter: Brian Mayne

While Brian is now an inspiring international speaker and author, he was born into a traveling fairground family. Further to a nomadic childhood, he left school early with no qualifications and unable to read or write.

Brian then joined the family amusements business, through which he established a nightclub and became the country’s youngest licensee. Unfortunately, during the UK recession of the late 1980s the business collapsed he lost what seemed like everything: his income, his home and his marriage. He was 29 years old, £1 million in debtand still relatively unable to read or write.

It was at this seemingly low point that Brian discovered the keys to success: that you can change your life by changing your thoughts and feelings about it.

Using simple but powerful techniques, Brian learned to hold positive thoughts by setting goals, and through those goals he gradually transformed both himself and his life.

20 years later, and Brian is an international speaker on human potential, and has empowered hundreds of thousands of people with his unique systems for success.

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