Talk Title:
The Post Grad Party: How to Travel the World,
Get Paid & Teach

Post Graduation Life

Brent Danis

June 27th, 1:00 pm



Presentation Overview

The Post Grad Party: How to Travel the World,
Get Paid & Teach

As you begin your career, you have an opportunity to experiment and explore different opportunities.

Brent wants you to consider going abroad. He will help you understand there is much more to be gained from working/teaching/living abroad. You build friendships with a unique bond that can only be created by living in a foreign country together. You become connected to the world in a way you never thought possible; your senses become exposed to new adventures you never dreamed of.

Brent will:

  • Get you thinking about the opportunities for living and working abroad
  • Share examples of exciting life-changing career opportunities
  • Common mistakes others make that you can avoid

Presenter: Brent Danis

Brent is a product manager with a diverse background including corporate experience with an entrepreneurial spirit highlighted by 7+ years working in project/product management in both corporate and startup environments in China and the USA. Possesses a deep understanding of how products are developed from the frontend to the backend coupled with the ability to manage, create and lead teams.

Hi specialties include: product management, project management, agile software development, wireframing, prototyping, analytics reporting, leadership, quality assurance, usability testing, user research, empathy mapping

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