Talk Title:
You Need to Look Beyond Setbacks

Soft Skills

Brea Roper

June 28th, 7:40 pm EDT



Presentation Overview

You Need to Look Beyond Setbacks

No one said your first job was going to be your dream job. It should be a stepping stone on the way to your dream job. During that time you are likely to get discouraged and sidetracked. Brea will provide advice and strategies that can keep you focused on getting where you want to go.

Presenter: Brea Roper

Too many people focus on fixing what’s “wrong” with themselves, instead of appreciating and leveraging the unique, innate talents they already possess. However, research clearly shows the fastest, most effective path to success is focus on strength, not weakness. So, I guide individuals and teams into their “strengths zone” – their personalized path of greatest potential.

Using the power of CliftonStrengths, we:

  • Unlock the unique greatness of each person
  • Learn how to build talent into strength
  • Leverage those strengths for greater success and overall well-being

MY COACHING PROMISE As your coach, I promise to offer the best of me to help you love your talents as they are, but to love yourself too much to leave them there. Your growth is my goal. Together, we will work to uncover and empower your most authentic self – for your good, and the good of others. I promise.

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