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Learn to Apply You’re Strengths to Enhance
Your Emotional Intelligence at Work

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Ben Dilla

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Learn to Apply You’re Strengths to Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence at Work

Before you launch your career you need to understand your strengths and limitations. This will give you an opportunity to know where to invest additional time in professional development training and what projects and opportunities you can successfully accomplish at work. Ben will share with you how to adapt to your new corporate culture and best apply your strengths.

Ben will share three strategies to help you launch your career.

  • Learn the culture of your new organization and identify interpersonal opportunities and challenges
  • Understand your strengths mindset towards Emotional Intelligence at work
  • Apply your strengths toolkit to enhance Emotional Intelligence at work

Presenter: Ben Dilla

I coach individuals and teams to understand better and leverage their strengths to achieve greater results, enhance their relationships, and accelerate positive change. I typically work with people who are highly accomplished in their technical specialty and want to increase their effectiveness in the interpersonal dimensions of leadership and influence.

In my most recent corporate position, I coached 40 leaders and dozens of teams in the Information Technology department of a major healthcare system to understand and leverage their strengths for greater personal effectiveness and team engagement.

I coach using my own strengths – applying practical knowledge, drive for success, and strong personal values; from clear future vision, I connect ideas with action and promote continuous improvement. This approach reflects the following CliftonStrengths themes:

Learner | Achiever | Responsibility | Futuristic | Ideation | Maximizer

In the past year as an independent coach, I worked with 200 leaders in a variety of technical and operations roles for a major transportation company to improve their communication skills and be more effective in influencing and leading others. In group coaching sessions, we worked together to clearly identify opportunities, discuss relevant content, tips and techniques, and practice new skills in a safe and supportive environment.

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