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Do You Know What Hiring Managers Want of You?
Career Expert

Alina Tubman


Think carefully about the career you choose!

Webinar Overview

Do You Know What Hiring Managers Want of You?

College recruiters and hiring manager are no different than you and I.  They want to accomplish their responsibilities quickly and do the best job they can.

So it only makes sense that everyone that hires you is rooting for you to be the best candidate so they can wrap up their search and move on to the next.

You will learn strategies that will help you get interviews and land jobs

  • Get inside the head of hiring authorities by asking questions
  • Reinforce your acheivements and brag about yourself
  • Do a closing statement and ask them to share reservations

Presenter: Alina Tubman

I am passionate about and excel in three areas – each area strengthening the others: 
Working with COMPANIES to design and implement strategies for hiring college students and graduates for internship and full time programs; 
Working with STUDENTS on launching their careers after college through one-on-one coaching and workshops; 

And TRAVELING to experience new cultures and meet new people!.